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Power Generation

Noise control in the power generation industry is becoming increasingly difficult.

Strict legislative obligations are placing pressure on OEMs to design and manufacture low noise level equipment, sometimes resulting in a trade-off with efficiency and manufacturing costs.

Noise levels in the form of a low-frequency hum generated by power and distribution transformers and by air compressors in the shale gas extraction process, as well as the high levels of noise emitted by turbines in large power generation plants, all require radical improvements to address this major environmental problem.

Our innovative noise control technology, NoiseTrap® acoustic panels, brings unrivalled performance in acoustic enclosures for these applications when incorporated into a steel framed system. NoiseTrap® technology can also be designed as an integrated solution into OEM industrial equipment.

Noise reduction for power distribution


It is well documented that power and distribution transformers produce a low-frequency hum. The overall sound level can be quite low, but due to its tonal characteristic, it is perceived as extremely annoying. Noise arises due to magnetic field variations in the laminations of the core. Magneto restriction effects cause the laminations to change in length as the magnetic field changes. Although the total change in length is of the order of micrometers, this small dimensional change is sufficient to produce the transformer hum at frequencies of 100 Hz, 200 Hz and 300 Hz which are harmonics of the 50 Hz excitation current of the transformer. The level of such noise increases with a greater magnetic flux density or with the kVA rating of the transformer.


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Gas Turbines

Gas turbines are widely used to produce power for a number of industrial applications. They emit extreme levels of noise due to the high horsepower output and high speed rotating blades. The major sources of noise are intake, exhaust and casing.

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Turbo Generators

A turbo generator comprises a turbine that drives a generator to produce electric power. Large steam powered generators are used at power plants to produce electricity for the grid whereas smaller turbo generators driven by gas turbines are commonly used as auxiliary power units.

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The transmission of electrical power is vital to everyday life. The national grid connects all businesses and homes to the generating power plants. To transmit power efficiently, it is commonly converted or modified.

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Energy & Power Noise Reduction