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Sonobex has pioneered the development of a patent protected* acoustic panel technology, called NoiseTrap®, using our understanding of acoustic metamaterials. NoiseTrap® panels are based upon a metamaterial structure that incorporates an array of identical acoustic resonators. Adjacent resonators interact and couple with each other to create broad bands of attenuation at targeted frequencies, including difficult low frequencies.


NoiseTrap® LF Series of acoustic panels have been specifically designed to ensure the highest performance in the reduction of airborne noise from low frequency noise sources. Our ground breaking technology enables far greater acoustic performance than traditional passive noise control measures, by using a series of tuned resonators.


The award winning technology has been independently tested achieving extremely high transmission loss and absorption. Our innovative solutions stand up to the closest scrutiny and exceed the toughest of acoustic specifications, enabling Sonobex to predict, with confidence, the acoustic performance of each design.

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By Dr Daniel Elford
Silver Medal Awarded for Pioneering Engineering
July 16, 2019
Silver Medal Awarded for Pioneering Engineering

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By Dr Daniel Elford
Sonobex awarded top innovation accolade by the IET
November 15, 2018

Sonobex is celebrating success as one of the Institution of Engineering Continue reading

By Dr Daniel Elford
Sonobex wins the best poster award at COMSOL® Conference ‘18 in Lausanne
November 12, 2018

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