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Innovation in Acoustic Solutions

Sonobex has pioneered the development of a patent protected* acoustic panel technology, called NoiseTrap®, using our understanding of acoustic metamaterials.

NoiseTrap solutions

Specialist in low frequency noise solutions

Our acoustic solutions have been specifically designed to ensure the highest performance in the reduction of airborne noise from low frequency noise sources. Our ground breaking technology enables far greater acoustic performance than traditional passive noise control measures, by using a series of tuned resonators.

Solving global noise pollution problems

Research and development

Sonobex has pioneered noise reduction technology using our knowledge of acoustic metamaterials. This innovation is based upon a new area of physics, where artificially structured materials control, direct and manipulate sound waves.

This innovative noise reduction method has been incorporated into our range of revolutionary NoiseTrap® acoustic panels.

The award winning technology has been independently tested achieving extremely high transmission loss and absorption. Our innovative solutions stand up to the closest scrutiny and exceed the toughest of acoustic specifications, enabling Sonobex to predict, with confidence, the acoustic performance of each design.

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Advice &

In addition to our standard product range, Sonobex are also able to offer a range of consultancy services to help our customers solve their acoustic issues. Drawing on our own capabilities, and those of our colleagues across the wider Merford group, we can help with a range of different types of situations.