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Sonobex have been part of the Merford Group since Jan 2017 and we work closely to deliver our group vision.

In an increasingly crowded world people are living and working closer to each other than ever before. Quality of life is becoming more and more important; higher requirements are set to a healthy, safe and comfortable residential, working and living climate.

People feel good and perform better in a pleasant and safe environment. We see it as our mission to make the living and working environment of people safe, healthy and comfortable. We achieve this by offering innovative, high-quality and sustainable solutions. Innovation, design, in-house production and turnkey delivery are the basis for achieving this mission. Our values are central to our organization.

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Noise Control

Merford Group deliver a wide range of noise control solutions, utilising the combination of different technical disciplines; including acoustics, ventilation, constructional engineering, thermal engineering, explosion computations, and electrical engineering to name a few.

Our Group’s solutions are delivered turnkey, ranging from engineering to onsite installation of noise control products such as acoustic enclosures, noise barriers and screens, sound attenuated ventilation systems, and acoustic testing facilities such as anechoic chambers.

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic solutions are delivered with thorough knowledge and experience in areas such as building and room acoustics, and acoustic product improvement with customised solutions available through the use of our in-house facilities for the cutting and processing of acoustic materials.

Our approach includes a thorough onsite analysis, a collaborative iterative design, 3D modelling of the solution and continuous coordination with a client’s schedule and processes to deliver a robust solution that includes acoustic materials for sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration insulation and anti-drumming.

Special Doors & Façades

Our aim is to create optimal housing, working and living environments for everyone. We, therefore, aim to realise safe, sustainable and effective solutions in as many markets as possible. Much of our expertise has been built up through what we have been able to do for the construction, infrastructure, industry, mechanical engineering, and energy markets.

A solution often is readily available, for which we have different standard steel doors, safety doors, utility doors and industrial doors. We supply custom-made doors, with the production process taking place in our own factory in Gorinchem, which enables us to properly anticipate and respond to any client needs and requirements.

Based on our extensive experience we can provide high quality advice in various sectors for a door that is soundproof, gas and airtight, fireproof, burglary-proof or bulletproof.

In-house manufacturing

Merford has more than 25 years of experience in professional sheet metal processing and fabrication, and acoustic material processing. Thanks to the experience, expertise and facilities within the Merford Group, we can deliver high quality solutions. The Merford Group has a large portfolio of modern CNC sheet metal processing machines, including press brakes, laser cutters, punching and nibbling machines and for acoustic materials water jet cutters and automatic CNC band saws. These machines allow for accurate and efficient cutting and bending of sheet metal and acoustic materials for all of your project needs.

About Merford Group

Merford is a Dutch family business that was founded in 1956. The company, headquartered in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, has grown into an international company specialising in noise control, acoustic materials and special doors. A Project-focused organisation with everything under one roof. in-house production facilities of 14,000 m2 and office space of 4,000 m2 where 130 employees across our different departments work to implement solutions that contribute to a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment.

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