About Us

Sonobex: World Leaders in innovative noise control

Sonobex Limited are an award winning spin out company from Loughborough University. Founded in 2012 to undertake research and development into innovative noise control technologies and solutions for industrial noise mitigation.

Sonobex has pursued an aggressive technology strategy that has built an impressive portfolio of granted and pending patent applications. This facilitates the continued delivery of innovation beyond 2020 and supports our fast track to becoming the world's leading acoustic solutions provider.

Sonobex has developed a proprietary, new acoustic panel technology NoiseTrap®, which surpasses all our technical and commercial expectations.

Sonobex's technology is integrated into next generation noise control solutions for the global market. Primary market applications are in the form of integral noise damping solutions, full acoustic enclosures and acoustic barriers, for the following industries:

  • Power and energy
  • Industrial engineering
  • Construction
  • Transport

Our solutions are science and technology focused, delivering the ultimate in performance and quality. Sonobex's world class team of MSc and PhD qualified acoustic design engineers collaborate with the foremost leading industrial engineering companies and research/academic institutions. We work with specialist testing facilities, including a world class anechoic chamber, to resolve our clients' noise issues.