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Advanced acoustic measurements

Our advanced sound field visualisation techniques using acoustic camera makes it possible to gain in-depth knowledge about sound radiation from any device that generates sound. Utilising near field acoustic holography and beamforming to overlay an image of the device under test with a map of sound pressure levels, we can see and identify contributors of noise. Additionally, taking measurements with a sound intensity probe we are able to detect and pinpoint sound leakage from your product. 

In Early 2013, Merford Group was the first company in the Netherlands to utilise acoustic camera technology commissioned by Sorama. The Acoustics camera can be used both in the design stage of a product or in post-production in order to detect noise problems.

The CAM1K is the top-of-the-line product in the Sorama assortment of sound cameras for companies that want to reduce noise and vibrations of their products and improve sound design.

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Main specifications

  • Digital MEMS microphone array with 1024 channels, with 64x64cm area
  • 1 Power over Ethernet cable (15m included, max length 100m)
  • 1 PoE injector with 220V power adaptor
  • 1 integrated HD video camera
  • Near- and far-field sound imaging ready
  • Near-field frequency range: 1Hz – 20kHz
  • Far-field frequency range: 50Hz-20kHz with optimal conditions at 300Hz – 15kHz

The camera and its software have been extensively tested and are used in the automotive, construction, manufacturing and machine equipment and household appliances such as heat pumps.

Acoustic camera

The principle of the acoustic camera is based on high quality MEMS microphones mounted in a grid of 64 or 1024 channels and use enhanced Near-field Acoustic Holography techniques. This allows the sound pressure level measurements between 1 to 20,000 Hertz to be analysed, but also the particle velocity and the sound intensity, which are also important noise metrics. The camera analyses the sound spectrum, any localized sources and any change in sources and enables them to be visualised. The camera measures only the sound of the source under test and is unaffected by any background noise. The advantage of the camera is that the images are obtained in a short amount of time revealing insight into the dynamic properties of the test object. Immediately visible are the acoustic weak points in the structure; vibration, structural noise and sound leakage. Using this data Sonobex can develop targeted measures in advice and solutions.

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