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Hazardous noise concerns are addressed by us Department of Defense (DOD)

A recent study carried out by The Defense Safety Oversight Council (DSOC) called the ‘DoD High Noise Source Reduction initiative' confirms that high noise working environments is causing a negative impact to the quality of life to their service men and women.

The study was carried out to identify where the high noise risks are and makes recommendations on the most affective noise reduction solutions to help combat the growing problem of noise-related conditions. Hazardous noise is the only known occupational hazard within DoD with exposure levels exceeding protection capability. This is according to the Defense Safety Oversight Council (DSOC) Initiative who are working with the DoD on a high noise source reduction strategy.

Hearing loss is the most prevalent service-connected disability:

  • Over 1.2M veterans received compensation payments in fiscal year 2009
  • Costs to the tax payer is in excess of $1 Billion annually
  • Is ranked #5 for DoD civilian worker compensation payout ($32M) in Chargeback Year 2012.

The core objectives of the study was to:

  • Identify nine significant DoD high noise (steady-state) sources and one promising technology
  • Utilise noise control experts and acoustical engineers to develop noise source reduction plans and evaluate projected return on investment that will serve as a roadmap for future noise control in acquisition.
  • Evaluate the modular cabin/capsule/pod as a promising noise control technology.

The nine high noise sources were identified as follows:

The ‘promising technology' outlined modular cabins/capsules/pods and enclosures.

Each of the above high noise sources has a series of tests, feasibility studies and key recommendations for noise reduction solutions.

Download the full presentation study here.

Sonobex – the technology behind industrial noise control solutions, is working with global organisations to assist on similar projects, where hazardous noise has a negative impact on those who work in or around high noise environments, such as military ships.

The Sonobex technology is already in use or in the development stage in the following applications:

  • Power & Distribution Transformers
  • Compressors and Pumps
  • Gas Turbines
  • Extraction Units
  • Industrial Engineering Applications


The Defense Safety Oversight Council (DSOC) Initiative-DoD High Noise Source Reduction

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