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Sonobex next generation noise control

Sonobex technology harnesses the noise cancelling effect of patented sonic crystal designs to reduce, control and mitigate noise in targeted low-mid frequency ranges.

In our laboratory based acoustic tests, we reproduce the noise of a substation and measure the difference in noise levels, each side of the barrier.


CEO of Sonobex, Paul Gooch said:

"Sonobex has developed next generation solutions to global noise problems. Our first product addresses the low frequency hum omitted from power transformers. This product will enable manufacturers to increase the load and maximise efficiency whilst performing to noise regulation.

We are also launching a range of acoustic barriers to address noise problems on the world's transport infrastructure for high speed rail and road applications. The company has exciting times ahead."

Chief Technology Officer of Sonobex, Dr Daniel Elford said:

"Our patented technology is based on a relatively new area of of physlics. Our products cancel rather than reflect or absorb sound waves. This is unique because it enables us to design solutions specific

to noise signatures. This in-turn delivers a much better noise reduction performance than in currently available products."

Group Sales & Marketing Director of Metsec plc, Richard Allen said:

"We wanted to get involved with Sonobex as a manufacturing partner because we saw the global potential for this technology. We are always looking for new innovations and this has the most potential for any we have seen for a long time."

Head of Intellectual Property Communications at Loughborough University, Dr Joanne Whitaker said:

"The IP Commercialisation Team has supported the Sonobex project over the last 5 years. In the early stages, we helped them access funding to develop the technology and later on, we developed the strategy for setting and spinning out the company.

Sonobex design and produce next generation noise control solutions with our patented technology for applications in Acoustic Barriers, Enclosures and bespoke engineering designs.

Our sectors include:

  • Power & Distribution Transformers
  • Compressors and Pumps
  • Gas Turbines
  • Extraction Units
  • Industrial Engineering Applications