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Sonobex's low frequency noise control technology featured on BBC'S "The one Show"

Noise pollution is a growing global problem in the 21st Century affecting people's health and lifestyle. Low frequency and tonal noise is particularly difficult to deal with, generated from Transformers, Generators and other industrial equipment.  

Sonobex's revolutionary approach using Sonic Crystal technology cancels noise signals and delivers unrivalled levels of reduction. UK based Industrial Noise Reduction experts Sonobex were recently featured on BBC's "The One Show" where Marty Jopson investigated the art of noise reduction and the most scientific way to reduce it.

Sonobex Limited a technology based Industrial Acoustics business was recently featured on BBC's "The One Show" where Marty Jopson met up with Dr. Daniel Elford – Co-Founder & CTO, who along with is colleagues, has taken the theory of noise reduction into commercial reality.

Sonobex have designed next generation industrial acoustic solutions in the form of Acoustic Barriers, Enclosures, & Silencers which harness the powerful, sound-dampening effect of sonic crystal design SonoTECTM to control, direct and manipulate sound. The Sonobex products are designed to address the specific noise spectrum to deliver increased sound reduction over competing products.  

Sonic crystal designs also allow air flow to combat over-heating issues and overcome the need for expensive cooling systems required for current industrial designs and can provide up to 40% air gaps for natural airflow without compromising performance.