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Sonobex wins the best poster award at comsol® conference ‘18 in Lausanne

Dr Svante Littmarck CEO of COMSOL Group hands the award and congratulate Dr Richard Wilson and Karol Bugaj at COMSOL Conference 18 in Lausanne

Sonobex's NoiseTrap® technology gains popularity within the computer aided simulation community by winning one of the three awards for best poster by popular vote, granted at 2018 COMSOL Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland.

To contribute our work for 2018 COMSOL Conference in Lausanne we prepared a poster titled "Acoustic Metamaterials for Low Frequency Industrial applications" that presented the whole product development process of a NoiseTrap® panel that uses metamaterial technology at its core.

One of the key elements in the process that enabled the design of novel acoustic metamaterial structures was the utilization of COMSOL Multiphysics®. It is a highly advanced FEM software package that makes it possible to account for physical phenomena and coupling them together in order to obtain a realistic computer model of the designed device.

In our case we managed to model and iterate multiple design prototyping stages of a high performance noise-attenuating barrier. Building computer models and validating them against experimental data of prototypes measured in the acoustic laboratory gave us confidence in what could be achieved through the application of our knowledge combined with the capabilities of numerical modelling provided by COMSOL Multiphysics®.

The poster includes all of the development stages from initial idea, through FEM modelling process, optimisation of design for manufacturing, testing prototypes to a final case study of UKPN Power Transformer substation located in central London where NoiseTrap® panels were used to decrease radiation levels of low frequency noise while still allowing for natural ventilation inside power transformer bays.

The poster stood out amongst more than 120 other posters winning the popular vote Best Poster Award chosen by all of the participants attending the conference.

At Sonobex we are grateful and want to thank all of our colleagues using COMSOL Multiphysics® for the appreciation of our research work by giving us their precious votes. This shows that the disruptive acoustic metamaterial technology behind NoiseTrap® panel, which can solve increasingly problematic noise issues, is not only interesting from an acoustical research point of view, but also very exciting to people from a variety of backgrounds that acknowledge the potential and impact that it can bring to improvement of our environment and decrease the negative impact of excessive noise on our health.

To download the poster in high resolution and read more about the technology behind NoiseTrap® panels developed by Sonobex Limited follow the link below:


Thank you all and see you next year in Cambridge, UK !