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Noise control in the power generation industry is becoming increasingly difficult. Strict legislative obligations are placing pressure on OEMs to design and manufacture low noise level equipment, sometimes resulting in a trade-off with efficiency and manufacturing costs.

  • Need for electricity has been increasing steadily in the last few years. Amount of new power transformer substations is growing to meet the demand and need for new housing developments means they are built closer to existing power plants.

  • Transport industry

    Road and Rail

    Global transportation industry has been growing over past few decades. There are more cars on roads and trains on railways than ever before. As useful as they are transportation generate plenty of unwanted noise to the environment.

  • There are plenty diverse ways to generate energy, but they have one thing in common – high noise emissions as a by-product of running the equipment to produce energy. With our unique technology we can deal with high levels of sound bringing them down to the levels acceptable by legislation. We can help you mitigate the noise by placing enclosures or screens around machines taking into account heat and ventilation requirements.

  • Oil and gas

    Oil and gas exploration has been fuelling many industries

    In order to get the product, there are many stages that have to take place such as exploration, extraction, refining, transporting. Each of them requires use of heavy machinery including pumps and compressors that produce high levels of noise.

  • Industrial noise control

    Industrial noise regulation, noise at work and environmental

    Industrial noise regulation, noise at work and environmental policies put a lot of emphasis on the noise reduction from industrial sites. Manufacturing plants, chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries rely on processes that can contribute to high levels of noise generation.

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