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Energy generation sector

There are plenty diverse ways to generate energy, but they have one thing in common – high noise emissions as a by-product of running the equipment to produce energy. With our unique technology we can deal with high levels of sound bringing them down to the levels acceptable by legislation. We can help you mitigate the noise by placing enclosures or screens around machines taking into account heat and ventilation requirements.


Gas turbines are widely used to produce power for a number of industrial applications. They emit extreme levels of noise due to the high horsepower output and high speed rotating blades. The major sources of noise are intake, exhaust and casing.


A turbo generator comprises a turbine that drives a generator to produce electric power. Large steam powered generators are used at power plants to produce electricity for the grid whereas smaller turbo generators driven by gas turbines are commonly used as auxiliary power units.


Diesel engines for power generation use a combustion engine to generate energy. They also radiate a lot of noise into surrounding that can be mitigated by building noise enclosures around them.

Steam turbine equipped with detachable housing

Maasbracht has been the home-base for one of the Netherlands' power plants for many years. A new power plant was added in 2012. The new power plant has a steam turbine that Merford has equipped with detachable enclosure. The condenser has been addressed as well and was equipped with various sound-insulating walls.