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Intellectual property

The protection, utilisation and expansion of the company's intellectual property is vital to its success. Our innovations, products and solutions have an impact on many areas of daily life. Evidence of Sonobex's innovation power is our growing number of granted, and pending patent applications.

Our Research and Development (R&D) efforts focus on the next generation products and solutions for noise control. We are constantly striving to expand and upgrade our noise control technology using the latest knowledge in physics and acoustics.

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Our knowledge is crucial to Sonobex's values

Sonobex is committed to ensuring the relevant legislation is adhered to regarding intellectual property and employees are appropriately instructed in its application. Sonobex's business is based on the growth of valuable intellectual property which underpins our unique learning and development solutions.

Intellectual property and the rights in that property provide a basis for protecting Sonobex's industry-leading ideas, designs, materials, information and branding; from software and profiles to reports, data and product names.

Sonobex owns various types of intellectual property (copyright, trademarks, database rights, confidential information and know-how) and provides wide and effective use of it to all people within the Sonobex organisation and those with whom Sonobex engages.

With so many people involved or engaging with Sonobex globally, Sonobex ensures that the ownership, integrity and value of its intellectual property rights are not prejudiced.

Sonobex Intellectual property

Patents: United States Patent No. 8789652, United States Patent No. 9607600, European Patent No. 2394266.

Patent Pending: United States Patent Application No. 15/509,360, European Patent Application No.14707832.3, European Patent Application No.15718253.6, European Patent Application No.16189799.6,

Registered Designs: European Registered Design No. 002662528-001, 002662528-002, 002662528-003, 002662528-004, 002662528-005, Russian Registered Design No. 2015500919,

Registered Trademarks: Sonobex®, SonoTEC®, SonoBAR®, SonoENC®, SonoBARRIER®, SonoENCLOSURE® and SonoTECH® are registered trademarks of Sonobex Limited. NoiseTrap® is a registered trademark of Merford Holding B.V..

Domain Names: www.sonobex.com, www.sonobex.co.uk, www.sonobarrier.com, www.sonobarrier.co.uk, www.acoustic-barrier.com, www.acoustic-barrier.co.uk.

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