R&D Acoustics


Sonobex has pioneered noise reduction technology using our knowledge of acoustic metamaterials. This innovation is based upon a new area of physics, where artificially structured materials control, direct and manipulate sound waves.

This innovative noise reduction method has been incorporated into our range of revolutionary NoiseTrap® acoustic panels.

Acoustic expertise

In addition to our standard product range, Sonobex are also able to offer a range of consultancy services to help our customers solve their acoustic issues. Drawing on our own capabilities, and those of our colleagues across the wider Merford group, we can help with a range of different types of situations.

Active noise control

To expand our range of acoustic technologies we are currently developing a sound cancellation system. Active noise control (ANC) is an innovative and exceptionally efficient technology that in various applications is an excellent alternative to traditional solutions to reducing noise. It derives its operation from the knowledge that sound waves can cancel themselves out. In other words, combating sound with sound.

Intellectual property

Our knowledge is crucial to Sonobex's values. The protection, utilisation and expansion of the company's intellectual property is vital to its success. Our innovations, products and solutions have an impact on many areas of daily life. Evidence of Sonobex's innovation power is our growing number of granted, and pending patent applications.

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