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NoiseTrap® Blox is a modular ventilation system that has been designed to provide exceptional low frequency acoustic performance. Nearly all industrial machine enclosures require ventilation, either for cooling of the asset or to operate. These types of machine produce high levels of low frequency noise.

NoiseTrap® Blox use a coupled resonator principle to achieve broad band low frequency performance. The addition of a thin weather resistant foam layer enhances the mid to high frequency performance. The open surface area has been chosen to allow equivalent airflow relative to a standard 300mm deep chevron style louvre.

A modular unit

Each NoiseTrap® Blox is a modular unit that can be assembled together to form flexible sized ventilation sections. The lightweight design is easily installed by one person and is suitable for use on rooftops (chiller units for example), where weight is a crucial factor and access can be difficult.

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